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Denumire produs GeoJournal
Numar aparitii/an 6
Pret pe 12 luni * 8163.00 RON
Descriere GeoJournal is an international journal devoted to all branches of spatially integrated social sciences and humanities. This long standing journal is committed to publishing cutting-edge, innovative, original and timely research from around the world and across the whole spectrum of social sciences and humanities that have an explicit geographical/spatial component, in particular in GeoJournal?s six major areas: - Economic and Development Geography - Social and Political Geography - Cultural and Historical Geography - Health and Medical Geography - Environmental Geography and Sustainable Development - Legal/Ethical Geography and Policy In addition to research papers GeoJournal publishes reviews as well as shorter articles in the form of research notes, commentaries, and reports. Submissions should demonstrate original and substantive contributions to social science and humanities from a geographical perspective. Submissions on emerging new fields such as GeoEthics, Neogeography, Digital Humanities and other emerging topics are also welcome. GeoJournal?s focus makes the journal essential reading for human geographers working in these areas, as well as for researchers from other disciplines, such as sociology, economics, political science, demography, environmental studies, urban planning, history, and cultural studies. Last but not least, GeoJournal encourages feedbacks and discussions on articles published in the journal through its newly added blog/commentary features.

Geologie [43]

Arabian Journal...
Pret pe12 luni: 2007 RON

Bulletin of...
Pret pe12 luni: 2474 RON

Bulletin of...
Pret pe12 luni: 2473 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 26923 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 7457 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 20866 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 34050 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 2140 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 5236 RON

Earthquake Science
Pret pe12 luni: 4951 RON

Eurasian Soil...
Pret pe12 luni: 25932 RON

Frontiers of...
Pret pe12 luni: 3314 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 2062 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 5165 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 8163 RON

Geology of Ore...
Pret pe12 luni: 11600 RON

Geomagnetism and...
Pret pe12 luni: 9587 RON

Geo-Marine Letters
Pret pe12 luni: 7002 RON

Geotechnical and...
Pret pe12 luni: 6060 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 7112 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 1572 RON

Hydrogeology Journal
Pret pe12 luni: 6794 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 8449 RON

Journal of Earth...
Pret pe12 luni: 2100 RON

Journal of Geodesy
Pret pe12 luni: 9837 RON

Journal of...
Pret pe12 luni: 3314 RON

Journal of...
Pret pe12 luni: 3365 RON

Journal of Soils...
Pret pe12 luni: 2570 RON

Journal of Soils...
Pret pe12 luni: 2570 RON

Lithology and...
Pret pe12 luni: 32292 RON

Mineralium Deposita
Pret pe12 luni: 11361 RON

Mineralogy and...
Pret pe12 luni: 10030 RON

Moscow University...
Pret pe12 luni: 14819 RON

Moscow University...
Pret pe12 luni: 13014 RON

Petroleum Science
Pret pe12 luni: 3010 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 11726 RON

Russian Journal...
Pret pe12 luni: 7595 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 9443 RON

Seismic Instruments
Pret pe12 luni: 4255 RON

Stratigraphy and...
Pret pe12 luni: 11739 RON

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