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Detalii produs
Denumire produs Le Point (FR)
Numar aparitii/an 52
Periodicitate Saptamanal
Pret pe 12 luni * 1046.50 RON

Le Point (ISSN 0242-6005) is a French weekly news magazine. It was founded in 1972 by a group of journalists who had, one year earlier, left the editorial team of L'Express, which was then owned by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, a député (member of parliament) of the Parti Radical. The company operating the newspaper, Société d'exploitation de l'hebdomadaire Le Point (SEBDO Le Point) has its head office in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.[1]

The editorial team of spring 1972 found financial backing with group Hachette and was then directed by Claude Imbert. Other journalists making up the team were: Jacques Duquesne, Henri Trinchet, Pierre Billard, Robert Franc, Georges Suffert. Management included Olivier Chevrillon, Pdg and Philippe Ramond.

The weekly magazine recruited journalists from the Parisian press and relied on its ability to redefine the genre. It modelled itself closely on magazines owned by News Magazine: Time Magazine and Newsweek. After a fairly difficult start in September 1972, the magazine quickly challenged L'Express. It has changed ownership several times: from Gaumont, and Alcatel it is currently owned by PPR, a French multinational holding founded and owned by the billionaire businessman François Pinault.

Business [40]

Pret pe12 luni: 1300 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 1490 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 1590 RON

Harvard Business...
Pret pe12 luni: 1744 RON

The Economist...
Pret pe12 luni: 1590 RON

Harvard Business...
Pret pe12 luni: 1490 RON

Abonament The...
Pret pe12 luni: 1990 RON

Newsweek (US) - 2020
Pret pe12 luni: 1300 RON

Le Point (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 1046 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 3900 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 1144 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 1990 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 1854 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 1346 RON

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Pret pe12 luni: 777 RON

Le Nouvel...
Pret pe12 luni: 1136 RON

L'Express (FR) -2018
Pret pe12 luni: 980 RON

Paris Match (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 1525 RON

Point de Vue (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 927 RON

Time Magazine...
Pret pe12 luni: 676 RON

Pachet evenimente...
Pret pe12 luni: 9600 RON

Capital (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 348 RON

Entreprendre (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 310 RON

Focus (ENG)
Pret pe12 luni: 656 RON

Foreign Affairs...
Pret pe12 luni: 540 RON

Fortune (US) an...
Pret pe12 luni: 648 RON

L'Expansion (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 317 RON

Management (FR)
Pret pe12 luni: 400 RON

Wired (US) -print...
Pret pe12 luni: 780 RON

Monocle (GB)
Pret pe12 luni: 814 RON

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