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Detalii produs
Denumire produs Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Numar aparitii/an 8
Pret pe 12 luni * 10793.00 RON

Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology is a repository of significant, peer-reviewed articles describing original experimental or theoretical research work on the scientific aspects of contaminants in the environment.

It provides a place for the publication of detailed, definitive and credible reports concerning advances and discoveries in the fields of air, water, and soil contamination and pollution, human health aspects, and in disciplines concerned with the introduction, presence, and effects of deleterious substances in the total environment.

Papers accepted for publication in the Archives deal with aspects of environmental contaminants, including those that lie in the domains of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, agricultural, air, water, and soil chemistry.

Geografie si Mediu [50]

Advances in...
Pret pe12 luni: 5086 RON

Aquatic Geochemistry
Pret pe12 luni: 3269 RON

Archives of...
Pret pe12 luni: 10793 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 27073 RON

Bulletin of...
Pret pe12 luni: 9861 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 3575 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 3680 RON

Chinese Journal...
Pret pe12 luni: 3887 RON

Forestry Studies...
Pret pe12 luni: 3314 RON

Frontiers of...
Pret pe12 luni: 3314 RON

Gyroscopy and...
Pret pe12 luni: 4649 RON

Helgoland Marine...
Pret pe12 luni: 1475 RON

Human Ecology
Pret pe12 luni: 8692 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 20830 RON

The International...
Pret pe12 luni: 3114 RON

Irrigation and...
Pret pe12 luni: 3456 RON

Journal of...
Pret pe12 luni: 1344 RON

Journal of...
Pret pe12 luni: 2797 RON

Journal of Forest...
Pret pe12 luni: 1965 RON

Landscape and...
Pret pe12 luni: 1808 RON

Landscape Ecology
Pret pe12 luni: 7322 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 2230 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 4771 RON

New Forests
Pret pe12 luni: 5699 RON

Population Ecology
Pret pe12 luni: 2799 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 15484 RON

Pret pe12 luni: 5477 RON

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