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Business Review is the publisher of several supplements and guides, featuring industry specific content and resources useful for those interested in exploring the local business environment and Bucharest and Romanian culture.
Business Review presents the biggest deals, the most important insights and the hottest trends on the real-estate market for the first half of 2014 in its BR Property SUpplement. Demand for office space in the capital was up by about 25 percent in the first semester against the same period of last year, and the trend is expected to continue.Housing demand is on the rise, say pundits, but new developments have stalled as banks remain reluctant to finance residential projects. All this and more in BR Property.
Eleven acknowledged universities, large industrial parks, top internet speeds and focus on services are some of the reasons why Cluj-Napoca is one of the country’s top investment destinations. The Cluj City Hall has several priority infrastructure works under way and is offering tax exemptions to make investors flock to the city, which aims to become a national and European innovation pole. Cluj authorities are backing up the Cluj IT Cluster, which is rolling out in parallel several tens of projects that will place Cluj on the global innovation map and make it a research hub for companies and public institutions.
The 2014-2015 edition of The Practical Guide for SMEs, published by Business Review, tackles issues of interest to small and medium-sized enterprises while taking into account their needs and the challenges they are confronting. Topics approached in the guide range from financing, cash-flow management and dedicated services to CSR and HR.
The performance of the real estate market has always been a good indicator of the overall state of the economy.
When demand for office space is going up, companies feel confident enough to expand their operations and that newcomers are entering the market. Rising demand for logistics and industrial space is similarly good news, while the opening of new malls means developers are banking on increased consumer confidence. The growth of the housing market should be even better proof of an overall positive outlook for the economy.
The industry representatives BR talked to, for this first semester edition of its real estate supplement, confirm that the market is indeed on an upward trend overall. In fact, they talk of solid and sustainable growth across all sectors during the first half of the year. The office market in particular, where this year’s deliveries are estimated to be some five times higher than 2015’s, is faring well, they say.

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