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Detalii produs
Denumire produs Energy Industry Review 2023
Numar aparitii/an 10
Periodicitate lunara
Pret pe 12 luni * 390.00 RON

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Energy Industry Review is the Black Sea region's best-selling energy magazine. Monthly magazine (10 print issues covering a year). Each issue is packed with interviews, analyses, various points of view, technical and innovative solutions and energy professionals’ articles. The Energy Industry Review is an important disseminating vector for the industry in the Black Sea region, Europe and Middle East.
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structura de an a editiilor pe care le aducem in piata:

• Decembrie/Ianuarie (editie dubla ce apare in ianuarie), Februarie, Martie, Aprilie, Mai, Iunie, Iulie/August (editie dubla ce apare in august), Septembrie, Octombrie si Noiembrie. Total aparitii/an - 10 (12 luni).

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